Are you currently running Facebook Ads Campaign for your business? If not, then you’re seriously missing out!

Like the rest of us, you’ve been watching your organic reach on Facebook declining steadily. To grow your brand and reach a wider audience, Facebook Ads is key.

Sure, there’s been talks that Facebook’s reach is shrinking just a tiny bit due to its latest privacy debacle. With 1.4 billion daily active users on average for Dec 2017, chances are great that your next client is on it…

…probably right now.

Unfortunately, we see many brands end up becoming discouraged. They did a few promoted posts and tried an ad or two with little to no return on investment. They failed because they didn’t have a clear, winning strategy.

So let’s talk strategy, shall we? 

Assuming you already have a solid handle on creating and managing your marketing funnels—absolutely crucial to your success—let’s explore some quick and simple tips to get higher converting ads.

Here are 7 tips to help you crush your next Facebook Ad:

1) You must target accurately

Right now, Facebook is the best at ad targeting. You can find just about anyone based on a huge array of criteria including:

  • Custom Audiences – your existing list of customers or leads or people just like them
  • Locations
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Interests – fashion, food, fitness, etc.
  • Behaviors – people who have visited your website, for example
  • Connections – people who already like your Page or have connections that do
FB Ads Campaign

source: Facebook Ads Manager

The better you are in specifying your target audience, the better results you’ll get for your dollars spent. Create a Buyer Persona for this ad. Who is this person? Let’s call her Jane. Ask yourself, how old is Jane? Where does she live? What are her interests? Has she been to your website before? Does she already like your Page?

Are all your clients female? If not, create another Buyer Persona and ask the same questions as before. Create different ads for each of these personas.

2) You must keep it simple

Keep your copy short and simple. Make it super easy for Jane to understand your ad. Heck, make it so Jane’s 8 year old child can easily get what your ad is trying to say.

Instead of “Do you want to XYZ?”, try “Want XYZ?”. It’s to the point and more impactful.

  • What are you offering?
  • What’s in it for THEM?
  • What they should do next (Call to Action)?

Here IMMO gets straight to the point, “Sell home without the hassle”:

IMMO Facebook Ad

source: AdEspresso

3) You must show your hands upfront

Think about your own browsing habits. Do you read every single post on your feed? Probably not. When you see an ad that grabs your attention, you may read the headline then move on, right? Make it known in the 1st line what you’re offering.

For example, if you’ve running a promotion, tell them the discount amount right away just like Google AdWords does here:

Google Facebook Ad

source: AdEspresso

4) You must take the lead

Most of us don’t want to do anything on our own. We need a little push even if it’s good for us. Years ago I lead a sales team of 3 managers and 200+ salespeople, and I reminded them often that prospects needed logical reasons AND emotional excuses to say “yes”.

Use descriptive words that stir up emotions to go along with logic (your promo discount) in your copy. Then, be sure to have a very clear Call to Action!

Look at the “Shop Now” CTA in this M.Gemi ad:

M.Gemi Facebook Ad

5) You must do A/B tests

So you’ve done a thousand ads with good results, you still need to test. There’s always room for improvement. Digital marketing changes fast, just think SEO. Make sure you keep a close eye on all the metrics and tweak your ads frequently.

Some ways to tweak:

  • Add capitalization sparingly
  • Use brackets and ellipsis to emphasize
  • Change copy length
  • Cchange images
  • Change CTAs (“Book Now” vs “Shop Now”)
Facebook A/B testing

source: Facebook Ads Manager

Let’s Do This

Now that you’re armed with these 5 tips, give them a try on your next Facebook Ad. To give you an extra incentive (emotional excuse, remember?), download this free ebook: “3 High ROI Facebook Audiences for QUICK WIN!“.