Beginning today, Twitter will show you tweets in its new timeline based on what its algorithm thinks you want to see. The new timeline is essentially a newly revised “while you were away” feature it introduced a year ago because tweets won’t be entirely ranked by relevance. It’s supposed to show you tweets that you’ll be most interested in seeing.

At least for now, users will be able to opt-in to the new timeline. After a few weeks, the company will switch it on for everyone although users will still be able to opt out through settings.

Twitter has reported slower user growth ever since its IPO in 2013. Many view this as a bold move by its co-founder Jack Dorsey to lift Twitter out of its growth slump.

How do I change timeline settings

If you enable “Show me the best tweets first” in settings, you may see as many as a dozen or so non-chronological tweets at the top of your timeline each time you open the app. Follow the steps below to change your settings.