Having paused for a moment after taking a sip of her grande caramel macchiato, a prospective client glanced outside the window for a quick moment then told us, “Blogging is hard. I want to do it but I can never find the time. When I do blog, I have no idea what to write about.”

It’s true, keeping up with all the social media accounts and blogging can be a struggle. Finding something new to say every time isn’t always so easy.

One way to maximize your efforts is repurpose your content.

Say, awhile ago you posted a really thoughtful and informative article on your blog that got huge engagement from your customers. Ideas were flowing and some really interesting conversations took place. Take a mental note of that. Later, you can take the same post thread and repurposed it into a infographic, a slide presentation or even a video. If there’s enough content, you can even turn it into an ebook.

Another thing you can do is repurpose your blog posts into email. Studies have shown time and again that email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates. If you send out marketing email once a week, why not recap your posts for the week? Direct your email readers to your blog posts that have clear CTAs and see the numbers go up.

Are you repurposing content? Have a great tip to share? Please do.