Market your small business like Shake Shack

Joseph Wong
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If you haven’t heard of Shake Shack, chances are you will very soon in the near future. Shake Shack is the hottest high end burger chain right now. It started from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan back in 2001 in order to support the restoration of the park. Fans lined up daily for three summers in a row.

Today, Shake Shack has 63 stores from Chicago to Dubai, serving loyal Millennials customers organic burgers and frozen custard.

Shake Shack’s marketing strategy

What’s so unique about Shake Shack’s meteoric rise is its marketing strategy. Instead of marketing via traditional media such as print, television or radio, it invests in building a loyal social media following on Vine and Instagram and others–and it’s really paying off.

In fact, adjusting for sales, no other fast-food chain comes to close to Shake Shack’s success in social media marketing.

shake-shack-instagramWhat can small businesses learn from Shake Shack’s social media success?

You can still compete without a big marketing budget

As a business owner, you know you must market your products and services. Social media is a low-cost yet effective medium to do just that. It does take time to research your target audience, create compelling messages and monitor progress but the results are worthwhile and inexpensive compared to traditional marketing. If you need help or just can’t find the time, there are many experts–like us–who can help you succeed.

Word of mouth is still king

We all know how important it is to have satisfied customers who will become our brand advocates, recommending their family and friends to try our products and services. Think of social media as word of mouth–online. With a solid social media marketing strategy in place, you can find the right audience, convert them into loyal customers and get referrals–just like Shake Shack.

Get started today

There’s no time to wait. It wasn’t too long ago when McDonald’s was getting record sales. Today, it’s in trouble that many agree, among other factors, has to do with its failure to attract Millennials who spends 5.4 hours per day on social media.

Do you already have a social media marketing strategy for your business? What’s working, or not, for you? Share your experience with us.

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