How The Intelligence Group Works

We have 2 ways to engage, both will save you $1000s on your marketing costs. 

Option #1


Choose this option if you have an internal marketing department and needs help getting stuff done. You know exactly what tasks you need to be outsourced to us.

In this plan, you will assign the projects and tasks that you need for us to complete.

Option #2


Choose this option if you want us to find out what your competitors are doing, what's not working, and generate a winning battle plan to get Leads, Sales, and Clients. 

In this plan, we will execute so that you will succeed.

Our "Get Clients" service:

Step 1

We discuss your business needs and goals; learn about your existing metrics such as Customer Acquision Cost, Cost Per Lead, etc.

Step 2

We analyze your complete marketing landscape to see how your're doing and where the opportunities are. We also hack your major competitors' marketing strategies to help you beat them.

Step 3

Our group of experts formulate a battle plan that will get you clients. We begin executing the plan. 

A typical battle plan includes website edit, SEO, SEM, email marketing, review management, and social media management. 

You get an award winning digital marketing team working for you for a flat-rate price. 

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You shouldn't have to struggle to do everything by yourself.

If you're like most entrepreneurs or business managers, you have more than enough on you plate. 

You have marketing ideas but don't have time to execute them and keep updates constantly. "You mean I need to post 3 times a day to FB and write blogs?"

You need experts to take marketing off your plate. 

So, you have choices:

1) hire an entry level marketing person ($4k/mo)
2) hire a marketing agency ($3k - $20k+/mo for limited tasks)
3) hire a freelancer - good luck with that, not to mention the headache.

Where're the leads?

If you hired a marketing person in-house, that person likely won't know everything. Also, one person doesn't have enough time to research the latest trends, do competitive research, run PPC ads, post to social AND do SEO.

If you hired an agency, you'll be paying thousands just for SEO. Besides, you'll be stuck on a 6-month contract or longer.

All the while, you're asking, "where're my leads?"; "why isn't the phone ringing?".

There is a better way. 

The Intelligence Group - Your Outsourced Marketing Department

Our group of marketing experts will tackle everything you need to actually get new customers - at a flat-rate price so there's no surprises.

Instead of paying $15k - $20k/mo in salaries to build a small internal marketing team, going through the headaches of hiring and managing...

The Intelligence Group will be your outsourced marketing department.

You'll get a group of experts researching your market and executing unlimited tasks to enable you to grow.

Let us take all that work OFF YOUR PLATE and get you clients like we've done for 1000's of business owners - and other agencies.
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