Get rid of all those paper receipts.

Joseph Wong
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Does this scenario sound familiar? It’s the end of the month again. You need to gather all your paper receipts, invoices, POs and all sorts of papers so you can type all that data into your accounting software. You could stuff them into a big envelope to be shipped to your bookkeeper or accountant but it’s going to cost you.

Sure, you’ve tried to put them all in one drawer at your desk but there’re always a few that go missing–in your coat pockets, on the kitchen counter…everywhere they shouldn’t be.

There’s got to be a better way!

If you haven’t heard of Receipt Bank, you really need to. Receipt Bank helps you eliminate the need for manual data entry. Using its iPhone, Android or Blackberry app, simply take a picture of a bill, receipt or an invoice. Receipt Bank will extract the key information then publish the data to your accounting software. You can also download the data as a spreadsheet if needed.

Think of all the time you’ll save!

Receipt Bank is very cost-effective. Their pricing starts at just $12.99 for 50 items processed. We at The Intelligence Group love the convenience that Receipt Bank gives us. We love it so much that we became a partner of Receipt Bank. Our bookkeeping clients get a free Receipt Bank account for using our services!

Do you use Receipt Bank? Share with us how it has helped you save time.

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