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Company Overview

What can we do for you?

We deliver completely flexible outsourced services to the most agile, forward-thinking small and mid-sized businesses. We understand that dynamic businesses need freedom to flex strategically.

The Intelligence Group Has Been Providing Individualized Consulting to Businesses Since 2000.

The Intelligence Group is a services partner that focuses solely on the unique sales and digital marketing needs of small to medium sized businesses. Our clients are in industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial, law and more. Everything we do is backed by Intensive Care®, our name for the amazing service we provide every day.

Intensive Care® starts with people – only the best people make it into the team and those that do are committed to consistently delivering high standards and always asking: “how can I do this better?”.

Stay Competitive

We’ll be your outsourced technology department – our expertise can help build  services that suits your exact needs and budget.

Trusted Partner

During our 14-year history of serving businesses throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and surrounding areas we’ve earned over 400 long-term customers — a testament to our technical know-how, responsiveness and strategic value.

What Drives Us

We at The Intelligence Group are committed to cultivating a driven, high performance culture capable of matching the pace and energy of the unique small to medium businesses we work with. We are focused on driving value with a pioneering approach to outsourced sales and digital marketing services. We are driven by an exceptionally strong vision and inspirational values that represent both the foundations of our business and all that we are focused on achieving for our customers.

We believe in creating an excellent service that stands up to be measured against our customers’ objectives. With professionalism, expertise and a belief that we can always do it better, we will meet our customers on their strategic journey–wherever they are.

As a trusted business partner, we will provide to our customers the highest level of flexible service–wherever and at whatever level feels right for our customers. We give our customers the freedom and control to run their businesses without sales or marketing worries.

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