Contact & Deal Management Update

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We have rolled out a new update to our marketing automation software. Below are the new features.

Unified Contact and Deal Page

  • Switch between deals without losing your place
  • Quickly add tasks, notes, and send emails with the Compose Bar
  • See all associated tasks, notes, and emails at a glance
  • Add multiple contacts to a deal
  • Create custom task reminders at flexible intervals
  • Associate tasks with contacts or deals
  • Customize the order of data fields
  • Contact & deal data are front and center so you can get up to speed quickly


All new Activity Stream and Detail Panel

  • See a detailed stream of contact activity — page views, email opens, clicks, tasks, and more.
  • Discuss and comment on contact activity with other stakeholders
  • Tag your teamates to notify them and bring them into the conversation
  • Now you can see page views, website visits, and any events you are tracking in the activity stream


Revised Deal Pipeline Interface

  • Find the exact deals you need to see. Filter by score, task, value, and more.
  • Have complete control over how your deals are sorted and displayed
  • Control who can see each pipeline

And Much More…

  • Sort your contacts by customizable columns
  • Create contacts and deal records simultaneously
  • Manage tasks with our new task management page
  • Create and manage organizations with multiple contacts
  • Specify who in your company can see which deals with flexible permissions

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