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Four out of five people search social media sites to find customer reviews about local activities and events before choosing the right place to spend their time. Your company’s presence in social media is extremely important. If you ignore the opportunity to build loyal customers or if you mishandle a bad review online, it could mean tens of thousands of lost business for your company!

Let The Intelligence Group help your business look its best across social media and online review sites to attract new customers. We’ll also help you nurture your paying customers by building brand loyalty and enhancing satisfaction.

“Sales have gone up 300% in 5 months and I’m getting more business from Yelp. Thank you!”
Ed T, Mexican restaurant
“Many customers tell us they found us on Yelp which has never happened before!”
Hector R, Local Cafe
“We’re getting average 8 to 10 more calls every week. Customers are finding us online and posting pictures. Thanks!”
Rosie G, Local catering



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You will have your own dashboard to monitor key metrics like word-of-mouth growth, fan growth, traffic growth, and more at any time.

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We will post engaging messages on the platforms of your choice including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram to create mind share with your current customers. We’ll cross-promote positive reviews across your chosen social media networks to increase your online presence.


We will monitor Yelp and Google+ and respond to all customer reviews. We will thank your Twitter customers and ask for feedback on Foursquare or Yelp whenever they check in, leave a review or upload a picture. We will also collect and spread positive word of mouth by requesting testimonials on Facebook and Twitter and filtering them to make you look great.


We will reach out online and find potential customers for you on Twitter who are nearby by sending customized messages to connect with you.

Gives you a 1-page website/landing page to capture leads. Use as your main website or link it to your existing website. If you need a full website, check out our custom web design service.

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To maximize your marketing effort, select IntelliSocial Boost and we will post original content twice as often (6 times per week) on Facebook and Twitter to further spread word of mouth for your business.

Content curated by a well-educated, well-trained US-based Content Specialist.


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