Our History

After spending his early carreer as a corporate sales trainer and director in a prominent media corporation with $70+ million revenue, in 2000 our CEO, Joseph Wong, founded The Intelligence Group. 

Joseph's goal was to create the kind of company that anyone would love to work for, to get behind meaningful projects that make impacts, and to partner with wonderful people (clients).

Early on, Joseph was approached frequently by marketing agencies needing help with their own projects. He also trained and helped many new entrepreneurs found their own agencies.

Like many businesses, Joseph hired freelancers in the early days to help with projects. 

He learned that while there were great freelancers and agencies providing excellent value to their clients, others charged a lot for basically zero results. 

Joseph understands that what businesses truly need are Leads/Clients/Revenue - not "likes", "follows", or fancy looking websites that don't convert visitors down the marketing funnel.

It was his desire to help people that Joseph decided to change to a flat-rate pricing, giving all businesses - but especially solopreneurs and small businesses - a fair chance to compete. 

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, there are tons of noise.

The first step in finding clients is to cut through the noise. 

At The Intelligence Group, we help our clients stand out and grab the attention of their audience. 

We are small enough to be agile yet big enough to take on projects of all sizes.

Is your brand effectively reaching your audience?

Are you converting enough of your audience into your clients?

Find out how we will get what you really want: Leads/Clients/Revenue.
The Intelligence Group distributed team
Our distributed team of experts across the globe.

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