Countless studies, such as this one from, have shown that email marketing has the highest conversion rate of all marketing channels. After all, it makes sense that those who trust us enough to give us their email address would want to read what we have to write. Naturally, the question is, “how to write a good email newsletter to maximize conversion rate?”

click through rates per channel


Let’s explore 7 tips that can help us do just that.

1. Intriguing subject line

The subject line should describe what’s inside the email. Don’t leave it boring but don’t be too creative that it gives off the wrong impression of being spam.

Mailchimp analyzed 40 million emails sent from their customers. They compared the ones with the highest open rates (60-87 percent) to the lowest (1-14 percent). What they noticed is that the ones with the highest open rates have straightforward subject lines.

2. Include your logo

Always include your logo in your newsletter so it’s instantly recognizable. Be sure to make it clickable back to your website. Better yet, add a masthead at the top that has your logo plus a fun name for the newsletter and maybe a picture.

3. Table of content

Readers will only give you a few seconds to decide whether to continue reading your newsletter or clicking “Delete”. A short table of content at the top gives your readers a choice to read what section interests them the most and keep them reading.

4. Useful and interesting content

Give your readers what they signed up for. In fact, tell your readers what to expect when they sign up for your newsletters. Some content ideas include blog posts, tips and advice, industry news and infographics. Don’t forget to add some nice images.

5. Make it clickable

You want the readers to be so intrigued by the content of your newsletter that they click on links to learn more on your website. Don’t forget to add social icons for your social media accounts.

6. Make it easy to share

Include social sharing buttons so your readers can share on their own social networks.

7. Make it easy to unsubscribe

We all want as many subscribers as we can get. However, do you really want subscribers who never reads your email? Besides, if they can’t unsubscribe they’d just delete–or worse, tag your email as spam!

Keeping only your most engaged readers will improve your open and click-through rates. Create great content for your audience and be confident!

How’re your email newsletter campaigns working for you? Have any tips to share with us?