How many unread posts do you have on your Facebook? What about Twitter? Study shows that some of us are getting tired of over shares and being constantly hit with other people’s thoughts. Your customers may feel the same way.

If your brand’s social content is becoming predictable or a bit formulaic, try some of these ideas below to get out from the norm. Business2Community recently proposed 50 ideas for social media marketing content. Here are our 7 favorites from the list.

1. Team Member Tuesdays

Profile employees with fun photos, bio notes, and interviews!

2. Social proof

User-generated content can affirm your brand’s value to your leads.

3. Favourite Things

What brand of coffee do you drink at work? As long as it’s relevant to your buyer personas, it might be relevant social content.

4. Caption contests

Ask your followers to create a clever caption for a cartoon or image of your staffers.

5. Crowdsourcing

Why not get your audience involved in creating your new product name, concept, or logo? You can even offer a prize for winning concepts.

6. Employee Accomplishments

If your Operations Manager finishes her Master’s degree, complimenting her on social media can lend a human element to your brand.

7. Challenges

If your photo gets 100 likes, could you convince your boss to buy the entire team donuts? It’s certainly worth a shot (and it’s worked exceedingly well for the IMA team in the past).

What fun content ideas have you applied to your social media marketing strategies? What’s working specially well for your campaign?